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Hi, my name is Sagorika Kakati Baruah and I am from India. To be precise my origin is from the state of Assam in north east of India. A girl from the place with beautiful green mountains, waterfalls, rice fields, biggest river island(Majuli), vast culture, tribes, Bihu festival and not to forget world famous Assam Tea. I turned 30 recently so trying to be more focused towards my writing skills to save save myself from any midlife crisis:). I am also taken by a wonderful man, who is from Assam as well and he is best partner in crime I could ask for.

I grew up in different parts of India as my father worked for Indian Airforce. Flying and travelling had always been happiness for me. Besides that I like to pen down my thoughts, emotions, work and travel experiences.

I have been working as a Flight Stewardess for more than 10 years. I had many opportunities to travel around being the daughter of an Air Force man. I grew up in India and took the first flight of my life at the age of 18. Since then there is no stopping. My page is about the lifestyle of a flight stewardess. I’ll be sharing about my adventures on layovers, reviews on food, restaurants, holidays, poetry occasionally and basic life experiences.

Please feel free to share your suggestion, feedback and anything else you would like me to write about. You can either leave a comment, email me personally or inbox me on any social media. I hope you enjoy the wonderful journey through my blog.


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